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Сибирячка: Сегодня мне пришло письмо от эксперта из Италии Eleonora Ruggiero с просьбой разместить её сообщение на форуме Сибиряков. [quote] "If you have a bi-metal cat and you wish to partecipe to research for new colour/gene, send me a picture of your cat (not too large please) , if I think he's a bi-metal I ask you to send at my address two q-tips with DNA of your cat , you can found here how to keep that if you don't know that(http://www.vgl.ucdavis.edu/services/cat/catswab.php but don't send at UC Daivs!!!) , with a copy of pedigree of your cat in a normal enevelope. You don't need a veterinary for that, so only the price of envoie of one envelope in Italy with ordinary mail. I will provide to send that at laboratory for research. All your data will be keep reserved. For the people which understanding English language I can send a copy of presentation of new (may be) colour. Thank you for your collaboration. Eleonora Ruggiero info@abissini.com I send you my adress when you send me a picture of your cat" Thank you so mutch! Eleonora[/quote]

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